LA LUNA SOCIETY is a haven for magical dreamers, manifesting, and spooky creations! We are a safe space for everyone that loves halloween and live their life in magic. Welcome to you all.

Stay magical.

Please read the below info carefully:

CANDLES: All candles
will not look the same as the photo seeing as each candle is unique and hand made
to order.

PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ADDRESS: Double check your address to make sure that it
is correct. I am not responsible for locating or replacing packages that are
shipped to the incorrect address.

SHIPPING AND PROCESSING TIMES: Oracle decks take 3-4 weeks and candles take two weeks to
process, seeing as they are made to order.

We are a small business and strive to spread positive energy and provide
a beautiful shopping experience for all customers. Please feel free to reach
out to me if you have any questions or concerns, I'm always happy to help!

Stay magical!

La Luna Society